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Every person is guilty of all the good he/she didn’t do.



I am convinced that every morning we wake up, we all have a choice that influences our decisions. Throughout my life, I have experienced living in homes ranging from the challenging shanty towns of the West Indies to the upscale neighborhoods of Paris and the breathtaking coastline of California.

 Observing countless individuals making various choices in different locations with diverse outcomes on this planet, I have realized that, ultimately, it all comes down to choices.

 I strive to make the best choice possible and assist others in doing the same. I aim to have as much fun and make as many friends as possible along the way!

Solon Angel

High tech entrepreneur

My Approach to Creating New Ventures


Step 1

Start by formulating a clear, enduring vision for the next 10 years. Pitch your vision to customers or colleagues who will be involved in its implementation.


Step 2

Compile a comprehensive list of all your assumptions and thoroughly challenge and validate each one. Strive for clarity and provide detailed explanations. Engage a like-minded individual to assist you in identifying any assumptions you may have missed. If possible, seek input from experts to swiftly debunk these assumptions. It is crucial to proactively address potential issues at an early stage. Build rough, build fast, fail fast.


Step 3

Once your solution has been validated by at least three customers, prioritize an unwavering focus on repeatability and scalability.  Do not get distracted by requests of100s of new features, stay on course.

Investment Focus


Addressing the pressing needs of accountants who have witnessed a significant exodus of 300,000 professionals in the past two years, by developing and offering modernized public accounting tools, techniques, and methods to alleviate their challenges and enhance their efficiency.


Capitalizing on the challenges faced by large organizations and governments in adapting to the demands of big data, remote work, and the growing requirement for ESG reporting.

Having Solon and Fresh Founders invest and be on Anduin’s cap table is way more than just capital. Having other people that have built companies I admire and direct involvement from their partners is priceless for us. Unlike a traditional investor, I know they understand us more, have been in the trenches and knows that success is not overnight or linear.

Justin Adams

CEO Aiwyn
The involvement of Solon and Fresh Founders goes beyond funding; their direct experience, understanding of our challenges, and hands-on support are invaluable for our company's success.

Wesley Sessenwein

CEO PayShepherd
With Solon as our advisor, we gain more than just mentorship. His deep industry knowledge, strategic guidance, and vast network of successful entrepreneurs give us a significant advantage in our growth journey.

Alex Labreche

CEO Rain technologies

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