Who Is Solon

Solon is one of the most active investor and entrepreneur in accounting and finance tech. He has an obsession for exponential growth and solving big problems. His goal as a father and founder is to leave the world a better place than he found it. His passion is building compelling visions and products with people that have an appetite for adventure. Before founding MindBridge Ai, Solon worked in F500s as well as start-ups in San Francisco, UK, and France. MindBridge and Solon have been recognized Accounting Today, Forbes and the World Economic Forum as tech pioneer. On his part time, Solon is the Managing Partner of FreshFounders, a group of founders that invest, support and create elite entrepreneurs fuelling the 4th industrial revolution.

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My Creed

What do I stand for?

Nothing upsets me more than injustice.

My goals in life

I want to live a full life, where I feel I created, loved, experienced and pushed myself to expand my mental and visual horizons.

What do I value?


How Can Solon Angel Help?

Access valuable resources, expert advice, and effective techniques for your firm to achieve the following:

  • Strategic Guidance: Receive expert counsel from Solon Angel, a seasoned advisor, co-founder, and investor, who will provide guidance to navigate your company towards strategic success.
  • Innovative Insights: Tap into Solon Angel's extensive expertise to gain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that will drive your company's growth and success.
  • Hands-on Collaboration: Benefit from Solon Angel's active involvement as a co-founder, working closely with you to shape and optimize your company's operations.
  • Transformational Impact: Harness the multifaceted role of Solon Angel to embark on a transformative journey that empowers your company's scaling efforts and facilitates successful turnarounds.


Having Solon and Fresh Founders invest and be on Anduin’s cap table is way more than just capital. Having other people that have built companies I admire and direct involvement from their partners is priceless for us. Unlike a traditional investor, I know they understand us more, have been in the trenches and knows that success is not overnight or linear.

Justin Adams

CEO Aiwyn
The involvement of Solon and Fresh Founders goes beyond funding; their direct experience, understanding of our challenges, and hands-on support are invaluable for our company's success.

Wesley Sessenwein

CEO PayShepherd
Solon's deep industry knowledge, strategic guidance, and vast network of successful entrepreneurs give us a significant advantage in our growth journey.

Alex Labreche

CEO Rain technologies

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