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Empowering Organizations: Advisor, Co-founder, and Investor Passionately Igniting Growth and Reshaping Success Stories.

MindBridge is the world’s first AI-powered financial auditing solution for organizations across multiple industries by augmenting human capacity to restore confidence in their financial data. Awarded Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, hundreds of accounting firms over 12 countries are using it within 3 years of the product launch.

Aiwyn is a technology company launched in 2020 to help accounting firms streamline accounts receivable with artificial intelligence, has announced the official launch of the company and its Intelligence-Based Billing platform to unlock time and money for accounting firm.

PayShepherd is a fintech platform that helps you manage your contractor billing.They ensure that your facility is billed the right amount every time, avoiding overages that can cost you serious money over time. PayShepherd improves communication between facilities and contractors, ensuring pay is fair and accurate for everyone.

Kraken Robotics Inc. is a robotics marine technology company engaged in the design, development and marketing of advanced sensors for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles used in military and commercial applications. Stock: CVE: PNG

GoFor provides on-demand delivery of building materials and equipment for the home improvement and construction industries.

Creative Layer is a web3 company building tools for creators to tap into new revenue streams in the metaverse.

Clyde’s ownership enrichment platform unifies (and beautifies) your warranty, registration, and issue resolution channels into a single dashboard. Now you can know, keep, support, and monetize your customers like never before – and unlock the customer lifetime value of your dreams.

Bitwave is purpose-built to help finance and accounting professionals mitigate the challenges of digital asset transactions.

We manage the intersection of web3 tax, accounting, and compliance.

The dynamic, all-in-one forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and dashboarding solution, purpose-built for the accounting and finance hero.

Create your remote lunch program, send a coffee, happy hour drinks, personal gifts, charity donations, learning allowances, and more. Hoppier works in over 60+ countries!

We’ve digitized word of mouth so that you never miss a beat on even the earliest project signals.

Arm yourself with intel on every project with the detailed timeline of work, stakeholders involved, contact details, project materials, and real estate info.